Open to anyone, SRSLY coalition meetings are usually held on the first Monday of every other month. These meetings are open to everyone ages 10 and up, including non-members. Parents are encouraged to join us for meetings as well. We follow the same general agenda every month, which includes time for large and small group discussion, and work on current and upcoming projects. This makes our monthly coalition meetings a great way for people to learn about what we are working on, and get involved in whichever projects they like. Coalition members are encouraged to bring friends and family to these meetings. Childcare can be arranged if needed. We always have pizza and fun!

Coalition Meeting Schedule: See our Events Calendar for dates and times. Meetings will be held from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea in Atrium Conference Rooms A & B.

Typical Coalition Meeting Agenda:

  1. Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, and Member Recognition (15 minutes)
  2. Presentation by Coalition Member or Staff (15 minutes)
  3. Small Group Working Breakout Session (35 minutes)
  4. Small Group Reports (20 minutes)
  5. Closing (5 minutes)

Coalition Meeting Minutes:

SRSLY Coalition_Minutes_September_12_2016

SRSLY Coalition_Minutes_November_7_2016

SRSLY Coalition_Minutes_January_9_2017


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