SRSLY is made up of community members and organizations that want to make a serious impact in Chelsea. Adult and youth steering committees keep the coalition on track.

Joint Steering Committee Meeting 1

Adult Steering Committee:

Julie Deppner, Chair – Silver Maples, Executive Director

Ed Toth, Vice Chair – Chelsea Police Department, Police Chief

Michael Coghlan, Secretary – Coghlan Family Foundation

Nancy Siegrist, Treasurer – St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea, Director of Behavioral Health

Lisa Allmendinger – Chelsea Update, Editor

Nick Angel – Beach Middle School, Principal

Sheryl Dewyer – Beach Middle School, Media Center Clerk

Edith Donnell – Chelsea District Library, Teen Librarian

John Hanifan – City of Chelsea, City Manager

Mitch Holdwick – St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea, Marketing and Communications Manager

John Knox – Chelsea Kiwanis Club

Kristin Krarup-Joyce – South Meadows Elementary

Andrea Kuck – Chelsea PTO

Josh Kuck – Main Street Church

Scott Moore, MD – Moore Pediatrics, Pediatrician

Sheri Montoye – 4-H

Anita Mosier – Chelsea Girl Scouts

Trinh Pifer – Chelsea Senior Center

Katie Postmus – Community Mental Health Partnership of SE Michigan

Laura Stahl – Chelsea Girl Scouts

Megan Torrance – Torrance Learning

Marcia White – Chelsea City Council

Joint Steering Committee Meeting 2

Youth Steering Committee:

Sean M., 11th grade

Sophie S., 11th grade

Natalie G., 11th grade

Ace E., 11th grade

Nic B., 11th grade

Reed P., 11th grade

Maddie B., 10th grade

Shannon C., 10th grade

Abbie D., 9th grade

Vincent E., 9th grade

Ashley K., 9th grade

Branden M., 9th grade

Ben S., 9th grade

Riley T., 9th grade

Brandon E., 8th grade

Anna K., 8th grade

Travis S., 8th grade

Erick K., 7th grade

Brandon G., 7th grade

Joseph G., 6th grade


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