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SRSLY Survey Sensation Sweeping Chelsea!

By: Allie Reynolds, 7th grade

Attention everyone in Chelsea: SRSLY needs your opinion! The Chair of the Marketing and Evaluation sub-committee of SRSLY, Angela O’Neill, has created a survey designed to get the public’s opinion on SRSLY. It is brand new and posted visibly at It was designed to give SRSLY the push they need, and to let SRSLY know what people think. It takes less than five minutes to complete and is a great way to get your thoughts and opinions into SRSLY.

The results will be used to tell SRSLY what the community wants, and where to really focus their efforts. Anyone who has internet access should take this survey because the members of SRSLY need to know everyone’s opinion. So log on to and give us your ideas.

This survey is very important to SRSLY because it tells us what people think, and it lets SRSLY know what our next step should be.

Madisen Powell, Secretary of the Marketing and Evaluation sub-committee says, “A survey is important because it helps SRSLY know what they need to work on, and what the community and SRSLY don’t agree on.”

SRSLY needs the people of Chelsea to tell us what they want us to do about destructive behavior in Chelsea youth.

“A survey is important because it’s always helpful to get other kids’ and parents’ opinions on SRSLY,” says Julia Porter, 7th grade student and member of SRSLY.

This survey is a great way to get the community’s voice to the leaders of SRSLY.

“This survey is important because we need to know where we’re starting before we can know where we’re going,” said Reiley Lewis, the Director of SRSLY. “This information will help us see if SRSLY is making a difference in the community.”

The results of the survey are going to be presented on March 12th, so hurry and take the survey before it’s too late. We want as many people as possible to take the survey. The more opinions the better, so spread the word! If you’re a parent, tell your kids and the people you work with. If you’re a kid, tell your friends. The students at Beach Middle School have already started taking the survey. Please help SRSLY by giving them your ideas. If you have access to the internet, be sure not to miss this opportunity to get your ideas into a local organization! So give us your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas on SRSLY, and take the survey. Give SRSLY a piece of your mind!