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Boredom and Entertainment

On the subject of small towns like Chelsea, where there is nothing to do…

“People young or old who complain about the boredom “out there” in their town should look inside, where they’ll find that their boredom really comes from within. Boring people get bored. Some local kid complaining about how there’s nothing to do in Chelsea mostly just needs to, as they say, get a life: find the wisdom or backbone to engage with other people and get a larger purpose than filling his or her hours scanning for a new amusement. Entertainment is itself like a drug: you develop tolerance, and, eventually, you need bigger and bigger hits, until, eventually, you just sit there on the couch thinking there’s nothing much to do. There are plenty of bored people in Manhattan: it’s not the place, it’s the person. Outfits like SRSLY can help not by providing more amusements to soak up teen ennui, but by hosting opportunities for people to discover what joy and purpose can be found in engagement with and service to others, even if most people are a pain in the butt in one way or other. You’re never really going to be happy until you stop trying to stay entertained, and Chelsea’s as good a place as any, and probably better than most, to figure that out. Wherever you are, you’re going to find your happiness in the people around you, if you find it at all. So seeing as how we’re here, let’s have another party, y’ know?” – Jeff Prenevost, SRSLY Coalition Member, currently working with Ellen and Katie Christie to plan the entertainment for our St. Patrick’s Day Party.

Still think Chelsea kids drink and do drugs because they’re “bored?”