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SRSLY Broadcasts

SRSLY Seeking Video and Audio Submissions for Broadcasts
The SRSLY coalition is inviting youth and adults to create video and audio broadcasts for its new SRSLY Broadcasts effort. The broadcasts may be showcased on SRSLY Cinema nights in downtown Chelsea, Channel 18 cable television, YouTube, the SRSLY web site and the Chelsea School District web site.
“We’re excited to launch this new expressive component of SRSLY,” explains Sharon Kegerreis, project leader and parent volunteer for SRSLY Broadcasts. “We hope that SRSLY Broadcasts will encourage people to develop a broad spectrum of video and audio submissions.”
Submissions may include a variety of media formats, such as original movie shorts. High school student Zöe Suffety, an intern for Edgar Norman Creative, developed several movie shorts featuring CPTNSRSLY (Captain SRSLY), a brightly painted mannequin bearing a color likeness to the Hulk. Suffety’s movie shorts will be showcased on June 25, the inaugural SRSLY Cinema night after Sounds and Sights on Thursday nights in downtown Chelsea.
“It was fun getting a taste of advertising,” says Suffety. “I put some time restrictions (on the movie shorts) and integrated different things I wanted to accomplish. It was a pretty interesting and, overall, I had a great experience.”
Other examples of broadcasts include public service announcements, commercials, interviews, and testimonials. Broadcast “producers” may highlight youth or adults involved in extracurricular activities. These activities may include any topic. Examples include hiking in the area state parks, raising chickens, running in the Run for the Rolls family race, or grilling in the backyard.
“Chelsea is a vibrant community of writers, actors, artists, and producers. As a Board member of Chelsea Center for the Arts, I am exposed to so many talented people,” says Kegerreis. “As a mother of a teen and 5-year-old, I am in awe of the limitless imagination of my daughters and their friends. SRSLY Broadcasts gives our community members another avenue for positive self-expression.”
Submissions should be in a fully-edited video or audio format. Broadcasts must be saved in MPG or AVI formats and should express one of the defined risk and protective factors that are priorities for the SRSLY coalition and be fully edited and ready to be broadcasted. (See side bar.)
To submit broadcasts, complete the two-page application form located on the SRSLY web site at Submit the completed form and your broadcasts to Kegerreis at and co-project leader Angie O’Neill at There is no deadline for submission. Any questions may also be directed to the project leaders by email.
“SRSLY Broadcasts will ultimately serve as prevention education pieces for our community,” explains Angie O’Neill, chair of SRSLY’s Marketing and Evaluation Committee. “The sky is the limit regarding ways to incorporate prevention messages into each broadcast, and the steps are simple to ensure that your project aligns with the mission of SRSLY.”
The SRSLY Broadcasts application is available at SRSLY Broadcasts should integrate one (or more) of the following SRSLY Coalition Risk and Protective Factors:
Priority Risk Factors the SRSLY coalition wishes to decrease:
*Youth access to alcohol and other drugs in the community
*Parental approval of alcohol and other drugs
*Youth approval/use (peer pressure) of alcohol and other drugs
Priority Protective Factors the SRSLY coalition wishes to increase:
*Opportunities for positive community involvement
*Opportunities for positive family involvement
*Commitment to school
SRSLY Broadcasts are being immediately accepted. Submit your application and fully edited video or audio to and