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Hi from Louisville!

Well it’s Day 3 of the Mid-year Training Institute with Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA). We’re in Louisville at the Downtown Marriott. It’s hot and muggy outside, but it’s FREEZING in here! They just loooooove air conditioning down here.

But besides the temperature extremes, I’ve had a great time meeting and learning from other coalition leaders, and hearing about what their communities are doing to prevent destructive behaviors. I’ve also had the chance to share some of what we’re doing in Chelsea, and get some feedback and reactions. (everyone loves the Chaz/CPTN SRSLY idea – way to go Zoe!!!)

Now we’re about to get started with a session on “Social Hosting Ordinances” and enforcing laws against parents hosting teen drinking parties. It’s a packed room, full of other folks who want to prevent tragedies in their communities, that are so often the result of teen substance abuse. I can’t wait to hear what other coalitions are doing to fight this problem, and what SRSLY can do in Chelsea.

Before I go, if anyone wants to review any of the presentations from this week, they’re all going to be posted online at This is an awesome website with tons of resources, so check it out, and let me know if you see anything you think we can and should use in SRSLY!