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March is CPTN SRSLY Month!

March is Reading Month across the nation, and CPTN SRSLY has returned to Chelsea to help students achieve their reading goals!

For the past eight years, SRSLY has partnered with the Chelsea School District, Chelsea District Library, and Cartoonist Jerzy Drozd to provide the CPTN SRSLY comic book series to students.

Using the creative and engaging medium of comic books, the comics take place in Chelsea and feature local landmarks and Chelsea students – and even a certain South Meadows principal!

Comic books connect language and art in a way that draws readers in and encourages literacy within children. By using a medium that kids already enjoy, adults can pass along messages that benefit kids and help establish a positive sense of place in Chelsea. Touching on topics such as hand-washing, overcoming fear, resisting peer pressure, and using teamwork, the stories in each comic offer accessible positive messages to support students in their development.

For March is Reading Month, SRSLY has been visiting schools with Jerzy Drozd, the cartoonist who creates the books, to celebrate reading and promote youth making healthy choices. Drozd and SRSLY volunteers read the first book in the series to all of the second grade students at North Creek Elementary on March 7. You can watch a short clip of the reading below:

On March 23, Drozd and SRSLY spoke during assembly at South Meadows Elementary. Drozd talked to students about how we use images to communicate, and each student was sent home with a comic and CPTN SRSLY temporary tattoo.

The elementary students can look forward to following CPTN SRSLY and the Super Master Sentinels as they head to Beach Middle School and even into high school. SRSLY has been releasing a new book each year since the Class of 2021 was in second grade. Now in ninth grade, these students received the newest issue of the series in February.

Copies of all of the comics can be found in the school media centers and at the Chelsea District Library.