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SRSLY Check Your Stats

Local survey data refutes the myth that most students regularly use alcohol & drugs

SRSLY Chelsea has launched its 2018 Positive Social Norming Campaign: SRSLY? Check Your Stats. The campaign uses data to challenge the misconception that a majority of teens regularly drink alcohol, use tobacco, smoke marijuana, and abuse prescription medications.

By providing teens with the facts about how many of their peers are actually using, SRSLY hopes teens feel less pressure to use substances.

“The data regarding teen substance use in Chelsea is very clear,” said Michaela Buckhannon, Project Success counselor for the Chelsea School District. “More and more, our young people are choosing to live their lives substance-free.  Knowing this, we hope those faced with similar choices can remain strong in the face of peer pressure and feel empowered to make good decisions.”

SRSLY? Check Your Stats is intended to educate both adults and youth in the community using data from the 2018 Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth Survey (MiPHY).  The survey is conducted every two years through the Michigan Department of Education with students in grades 7, 9 and 11.

The 2018 Chelsea School District MiPHY survey results on high school drug use in the past 30 days show the following:

  • 83% of students have not consumed alcohol
  • 86% have not used marijuana
  • 95% have not abused prescription drugs
  • 98% have not used tobacco

The 2018 Chelsea MiPHY data on middle school use in the past 30 days show the following:

  • 98% of students have not consumed alcohol
  • 99% have not used marijuana
  • 94% have not abused prescription drugs
  • 99% have not used tobacco

SRSLY partnered with Project Success to create posters to share each of these data points with students and the community. Posters will be on display in Chelsea High School, Beach Middle School, and around town.

The MiPHY data also shows that 9 out of 10 Chelsea students have a friend committed to being drug free and that 86% disapprove of their peers using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs.

By looking at MiPHY data over the years, it is clear that youth substance use in Chelsea continues to decline. Since 2007, the number of Chelsea students consuming alcohol within the past 30 days has dropped by 42%.  Within the same timeline, marijuana use has decreased by 13%, prescription drug abuse decreased by 57%, and use of tobacco products decreased by 37%.