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SRSLY Celebrates March is Reading Month with CPTN SRSLY

In March, SRSLY visited the Chelsea elementary schools to promote reading and literacy among children. By using comics, a medium that kids already enjoy, SRSLY passes along messages that benefit kids and help them establish a positive sense of place in Chelsea.

SRSLY attended the South Meadows assembly on March 21 to celebrate and promote reading to more than 500 students.  SRSLY brought along special guest, the mascot Dinogator from the CPTN SRSLY comic books, and Jerzy Drozd, creator of the CPTN SRSLY comic books.  SRSLY also gave a new comic book and a CPTN SRSLY temporary tattoo to each student.

On March 14, SRSLY introduced the comics to second grade students at North Creek Elementary. Drozd and SRSLY volunteer Jennifer Kundak read the book to all the classes. Drozd also talked about what it is like to be a professional cartoonist and how he worked with SRSLY to create the comics.

CPTN SRSLY comic books were created in collaboration with the Chelsea District Library and Chelsea School District to teach students important lessons in a fun way. Each student in grades 2 – 9 receives a new comic book each year, and different Chelsea students are featured in the comics. Books for 10th and 11th graders are currently being developed.

Copies of the comics can be found in the school media centers and at the Chelsea District Library.