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SRSLY? Check Your Stats on Vaping

Seven out of ten (72%) of Chelsea High School students have not used a vape/e-cig in the past 30 days.

96% of Beach Middle School students have not used a vape/e-cig in the past 30 days.

-Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth (MiPHY) 2018

Did You Know?

Most teens don’t actually know what is in vape juice.

  • 66% of teens think it’s just flavoring
  • 13.7% don’t know
  • 13.2% say nicotine
  • 5.8% say Marijuana
  • 1.3% say other
    – National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA 2018)

This is because manufacturers don’t have to report e-cigarette ingredients, so users don’t know what’s actually in them.

Ask Your Family

As a parent, do you know what chemicals are inside a vape, and have you talked to your kids about it? Many parents, kids, teachers and professionals have their own misconceptions about vaping because the products are so new and the research we have is still under way.

But there are things we know without a doubt. We know from the Center for Disease Control that there are many volatile organic compounds inside the vape juice (e-liquid), as well as nicotine, ultrafine particles, heavy metals (lead, nickel, tin) cancer causing chemicals, and flavorings such as Diacetyl which has been linked to serious lung disease.

Concerned about a student?

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