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SRSLY Survey Sensation Sweeping Chelsea!

By: Allie Reynolds, 7th grade Attention everyone in Chelsea: SRSLY needs your opinion! The Chair of the Marketing and Evaluation sub-committee of SRSLY, Angela O’Neill, has created a survey designed to get the public’s opinion on SRSLY. It is brand new and posted visibly at … Read more

SRSLY Fun New Year’s Eve Party

What a great party! I hope the rest of the 200 people at the Seriously Fun, SRSLY New Year’s Eve Party had as much fun as I did. Hard to say what my favorite part was… I LOVED the music! I had never seen the … Read more


On Thursday, November 13, nearly 60 kids filled the Beach Middle School library to answer one question: What can we do to prevent kids in Chelsea from drinking and doing drugs? The SRSLY Youth Meeting brought together local 10 to 18-year-olds who shared their ideas … Read more

Why We’re Here

Last weekend, something terrible happened. Two Chelsea teens, Ian Hughes and Anna Herter, were killed in a dirt bike crash on Friday evening, November 7th, 2008. What we know is that they were on a dirt bike, it was after dark, and they weren’t wearing … Read more


October was a fun time to be part of SRSLY. Between Project Sticker Shock, the Link Crew Homecoming Tailgate Party, Anti-Drug posters and lessons with 5th and 6th graders, and having kids sign up to join SRSLY left and right… the past month was totally … Read more

Scary new trend in an already scary drug

Two different parents sent me this story, and I think it’s important that you all know about it too. Check out the following link about a new trend in crystal meth: Parents need to make sure you know enough about crystal meth to talk … Read more

Srsly, what’s with the t-shirt slogans?

Here’s a break-down of the SRSLY shirts you saw at the game tonight… “Good Times!” Pretty straightforward… SRSLY is all about having fun in safe and healthy ways – that means no drugs, and no underage drinking! We will plan and host and promote fun … Read more