SRSLY Events

Youth Empowerment Solutions (YES) Program – Session #3

March 20, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Beach Middle School
Becca Jaskot

The Youth Empowerment Solutions Program (or “YES”) is designed to help middle school students develop the knowledge and skills they need to plan and lead community change projects here in Chelsea. SRSLY believes that the best way to make positive changes in our community, and reduce destructive behaviors like underage drinking and drug use, is to let youth take the lead. The YES Program prepares them to do just that.

The training consists of five sessions at Beach Middle School and additional team meetings as needed through the end of the school year. The training sessions are held during different school hours and cover teamwork, leadership and project planning. The program includes a discussion with community leaders and a “windshielding” activity, during which youth learn how to identify community assets and liabilities.

Know of a student you would like to recommend to the program? Are you a student who would like to sign up? Email