So, what do we need?

Five years ago, things in Chelsea were very different. Back in 2007, teens here were using alcohol and marijuana at a higher rate than their peers across Michigan, and that number was moving in the wrong direction – up. We got organized, we got funding … Read more

We got the grant!

[1_3][/1_3] SRSLY was awarded the Drug Free Communities grant on August 31, 2011! This grant will provide funding to support youth substance abuse prevention in Chelsea for the next five years. This will allow us to build on all the good work we’re doing, and … Read more

Retreat 2010

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ on behalf of the YSC to Reiley, Mrs. Morris, Mr. Knight, Bill&Tracie Christie, Sara Wild, Mr. Ingall, and all the other adults for helping us out with our retreat. I think we all learned … Read more

$5.5 billion?!?!? Srsly?

SRSLY is seriously doing its best to help stop destructive behavior in teens! Did you know that each year, students spend $5.5 billion on alcohol, more than they spend on soft drinks, tea, milk, juice, coffee or books combined? Why not spend that money on … Read more