On Thursday, November 13, nearly 60 kids filled the Beach Middle School library to answer one question: What can we do to prevent kids in Chelsea from drinking and doing drugs? The SRSLY Youth Meeting brought together local 10 to 18-year-olds who shared their ideas … Read more

Why We’re Here

Last weekend, something terrible happened. Two Chelsea teens, Ian Hughes and Anna Herter, were killed in a dirt bike crash on Friday evening, November 7th, 2008. What we know is that they were on a dirt bike, it was after dark, and they weren’t wearing … Read more


October was a fun time to be part of SRSLY. Between Project Sticker Shock, the Link Crew Homecoming Tailgate Party, Anti-Drug posters and lessons with 5th and 6th graders, and having kids sign up to join SRSLY left and right… the past month was totally … Read more

Scary new trend in an already scary drug

Two different parents sent me this story, and I think it’s important that you all know about it too. Check out the following link about a new trend in crystal meth: Parents need to make sure you know enough about crystal meth to talk … Read more

Thank You!

Dear SRSLY Volunteers, Thank you for being, by far, the coolest volunteers on the planet. Tonight was so much fun, it was ridiculous, all thanks to YOU! It was so great to see everyone excited about SRSLY, and preventing destructive behavior in Chelsea youth. And … Read more