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Anyone and everyone can become a member of SRSLY – both youth and adults! You can join as an individual, or choose to represent your business or organization. Join us in making a difference on an issue that is important to Chelsea. As a SRSLY member, you can choose how to be involved – there is no required time commitment! Here are some of the ways you can be a part of SRSLY:

    • Attend our regular meetings, held every other month
    • Volunteer to help at any of our fun, substance-free events
    • Youth can join our Youth Steering Committee
    • Educate others about our mission at tabling events and presentations
    • Plus, much more!

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SRSLY Coalition Member Pledge

As a member of SRSLY, I hereby pledge to do my part to empower youth to live healthy, substance free lives in Chelsea. By signing my name, I indicate my intention to make healthy decisions regarding drugs and alcohol, and help young people in my community do the same. The only healthy decision for drug use is no use. Alcohol can be used responsibly by adults over the age of 21, but should not be used by anyone under 21. “Responsibly” means that if adults choose to use alcohol, they do not do so in excess, and they do not drink and drive. By joining SRSLY, I am having a positive impact on my community.

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