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SRSLY Safe Homes

A “SRSLY Safe Home” is a home in which the family has committed to providing a safe and substance-free environment for their children, and any other youth who spend time there. Kids and adults can be confident that minors under the age of 21 will not be offered or allowed to use drugs or alcohol while they are in these families’ homes.

SRSLY Safe Homes was created in response to a growing concern among residents about the prevalence and perceived acceptance of teen drinking parties hosted by parents.

Safe Homes Yard Sign

Families who decide to sign up as a Safe Home will have their names listed below. This will accomplish two important things – practically, it lets youth and parents know which homes are safe for them to hang out and have fun at without worrying about youth using drugs or alcohol. More broadly, it sends a message to the community that parents in Chelsea want their kids to grow up safe and substance-free, and youth want to hang out and have fun with their friends without being pressured to use drugs or alcohol.

Sign Up

To sign up to be a Safe Home, email us at

We will follow up with you to deliver a yard sign to your home. We encourage you to place these signs in your front yard before homecoming, prom, and other events that could involve underage drinking parties.


The following families have signed up to be Safe Homes:


Acton – Denise
Alery – Jason and Melodie
Andreski – Lisa
Angel – Nick and Theresa
Arbogast-Wilson – Ken and Chris
Bass – Kim
Battaglia – Staie and Bob
Beatty – Robert and Shelly
Beechey- Jim and Tamara
Benjamin – Jerry and Nancy
Bhagat – Radhika
Biggs / Lucas – Paula and Rick
Blissick – Ed and Dina
Blough – Tracy and Joe
Bohman – Deb and Rick
Bost – Ryan and Lori
Bowles – Melissa
Branham – Jim
Breining – Victoria
Briggs – Leslie
Broderick – Bryne
Brooks – Martha
Brosnan – Ed and Kerry
Brown – Jenny and Dan
Bryan – Jane
Bullard – Kate
Burkel – Sharee
Burns – Kristi and Mike
Cameron – Lawrence
Carney – Christal
Cashman – Brian and Peggy
Catherman – Rick and Susie
Cavanaugh – Ryan and Angela
Celkis – Ruta
Cerqueira – Melissa and Gino
Chambers – Colby
Chisolm-Blockton – Avery and Annette
Choi – Danielle
Christie – Tracie and Bill
Cobb – Ken and Carla
Colbry – Norm
Collins – Brad and Cindy
Conlin / Economou – Pat and Elaine
Cooper / Wood – Howard and Karen
Curran – Tom and Reiley
Dahlgren – Brett and Michele
Dailey – Heidi and Michael
Dale – Tina and Randy
Daman – Erika and Jeff
Day – Mark and Kathleen
Day-Iannelli – Tony and Dawn
Dell – Anne and Ryan
Dell – Jason and Kristyna
Deppner – Julie and Dennis
Detterman – Linda and Doug
Dewyer – Sheryl and Rod
Doan – Miki and Matt
Dobos – Paul and Cheryl
Dolber – David and Shayne
Doman – Julie and Frank
Driscoll – Ed and Joan
Durgan-Turner – Linni
Eckland – Amy and Scott
Eder – Marleyn and Doug
Eisley – Karen and John
Elkins – Betsy
Ellegood – Jon
Ellison – Alisha
Emmert – Dana and Steve
Engler – Craig and Michelle
Erickson – Rick and Evie
Evers – Hans and Jackee
Evie – Rick
Fannin – Nikki and Bart
Faupel – Corey and Tracie
Ford – Kendra
Fosdick – Karen and Steve
Frederiksen – Cynthia and Richard
Fritzemeier – Nancy and Jed
Fullerton – Jody and Kim


Gagnon – Jodi and Steve
Garcia – Robert
Gauthier – Mary
Gaynor – Becky
Geer – Becky, James, Michael, Rachel, and Jeffrey
Geesey – Forest
Ghosh – Amitabh and Indira
Gibb – Julie
Gillman – Sheila and Greg
Glazier / Clouse – Angie and Jim
Glynn – Christine
Gofton – Monica and Richard
Gonzalez – Susan and Hector
Goodgall – Beth and Jason
Gray – Walter and Liza
Griffith – Scott and Shawna
Grifka – Kevin and Shasta
Grover – Jeff and Jenine
Grudzinski – Beth and Ken
Grzadzinski – Chrissy and Tim
Guenther – Maryann and Marr
Gutierrez-DePineres – Victor and Kim
Hammig – Sara
Hanna – Amy and Jeff
Hargenrater – Rob, Robyn, Stephanie and Tyler
Harness – Kelly
Harrison – Rebecca
Harwood – Jonwaine and Kristine
Hatfield – Jamie
Hayduk – Don and Crystal
Heberle-Rose – Renee and Bill
Hedding – Michelle and Kirk
Heimerdinger – Lucy and Bill
Henschel – Cheryl and Bill
Henson – Scott and Christine
Hermosillo – Judy and Fernand
Hewitt – Kayla
Hewitt – Kelly and Brad
Heydlauff – Amy and Mark
Heydlauff – Tracy and Matt
Hicks – Dreamala and Tony
Hines – Susie
Hinz / Hinz-Johnson – Steve and Lisa
Holten – Carl and Jennifer
Hotaling – Ana
Hugg – Heather and Brad
Hurst – Felicia
Iannelli – Dawn Day
Ingall – Andy and Beth
Jabara – Cyndi and George
Johnson – Don
Jolly – Joni and Dave
Jorkos – Bobbi
Joyce – Kristin and Jim
Jozwiak – Chris and Deanna
Kasper – Shelley Steve
Kause – Jeff and Dianna
Kegerries – Sharon and Kristopher
Kelp – Kerrie
Kempf – Christine
Kennedy – Vance and Annette
Kenny – Dennis
Kerr / Cook – Kristi and Brad
King – Missy
Knight – Corey and Catherine
Koch – Holly and Todd
Kozminski – Renee
Krug – Shannon and Michael
Krugh – Rachel and Joe
Kummer – Joe and Lorin
Kuras – Janet and Greg


Lansky – Aaron and Christy
Larsen – Eric and Christy
Ledbetter – Joe and Kristi
Letourneau – Kristy
Lewis – Tom
Lightfoot – Erin and Tim
Love – Dana
MacDonald – Amanda
Mahalak / Collins – Cindy and Brad
Malley – Jennifer
Maloney – Kelle and Rich
Manchester – Steve
Manly – Christina and Joseph
Martin – Melissa and Kevin
Maute / Thor – Carrie and Jamie
Maynard – Regina and Carl
McCale – Jill
McCracken – Bob and Michelle
McGill – Daniel
McHaffie – Mary Kay
McKale – Jill
Messner – Melissa and Chris
Montoye – Sherri and Brian
Morabito – Kendra
Morris – Jason and Beth
Mulcher – Amanda and Tracy
Nelson – Dan and Marijane
Nichol – Jody and Andy
Nickel – Lisa and John
Norris – Sarah and David
Nosbisch – Sally
Noye – Don and Debbie
Nu – Jimmi
O’Neill – LeAnn
Olsen – Mary and Steve
Orfali – Anas
Ortbring – Janice and Todd
Paddock – Brad and Elizabeth
Parker – Brian and Julene
Patterson – Ann and Mike
Perry – Jen and Doug
Petterson – Diane
Philippe / Luther – Andi and John
Plank – Theresa and Kerry
Pond – Jeff and Faith
Powell – Pam and Mark
Proegler – Sarah and David
Proos – Amy and CJ
Purdy – Michael
Putnam – Dawn and Crhsitopher
Ramos – Kathy
Reames – Delton and Becky
Regis – Darlene and Todd
Reynolds – Sue and Deron
Richards – Dorothy
Robeson – Dawn
Rokke – Jen
Ryder – James


Sayer – Chris
Saylers – Deb
Schaberg – Peter
Schmidt – Roy and Audrey
Schumann – Jen and Nick
Schwarz – Leigh and Mike
Scott – Jennifer and Justin
Shaw – Stacie and Steve
Shenkel – Tonia and Bill
Shurmur – Heather
Silveri – Marco and Cynthia
Sing – Chris and Eric
Sipperly – Kimber
Sjogren – Karen and Anders
Sklotys – Krista
Smith – Jenny and Patrick
Spink – Jennifer
St. Pierre – Luke
Staebler – Laura and Elsa
Staelgraeve – Scott and Robin
Stanavich – Heather and John
Steele – Megan
Stewart – Mark and Debra
Stoker – Kelly and Matt
Strahan – Stu and Kristy
Straub – Marty and Darlene
Stubbs – Gwen
Stumbo – Diane and Rodney
Stump – Greg
Surel – Leslie and Mike
Sutch – Rob and Jennifer
Sweet – Penny
Szeman – Judy
Taylor – Mary
Teare – Sarah
Thomas – Molly
Timberlake – Bruce and Catherine
Tomanbay – Tijen
Trembley – Terri and Dale
Trester – Rebecca and Michael
Trobaugh – Mike and Julia
Twigg – Ron and Peggy
VanDeCar-Negus – Jennifer and John
Vedejs – Melita
Velarde-Martin – Mena and Christopher
Vosters – Nicole and Craig
Walker – Scott and Cece
Ward – Mary
Warriner – Nichole
Watson – Margaret and James
White – Leslie and Cyril
Whitesall – Amy and Steve
Wiggett – Julie and Martin
Wild – Sara
Williams – Jeff and Dawn
Williams – Lynn and Larry
Williams – Marti and Tim
Wilson – Jeff and Mary Ann
Wilson – Martha
Wisniewski – Patricia and Anthony
Woodard – Miles and Robin
Wooster – Scott and Casey
Wright – Steve and Dayle
Zale – Susan
Zatkovich – Kimber and Jay
Zimmer – Steve and Emily
Zocharski – Phil and Lisa
Zollinger – Nicole and Michael

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